Updates, Album Details, Stuff!

2015-01-05 07:41:50 by Mairujyat

So I've gotten basically nowhere near as much progress as I wanted to on this album dealie, but I'm still working on it.

Basically, you remember RPGs in the 90's? Specifically how much their atmosphere was built up and made memorable by the sheer variety in the music?

I'm making an album with some 40-or-so tracks, each of them specific to various instances and situations in an imaginary game, entitled "Shadow of the Lich". Divided up into three acts, each with their own unique motifs as well as sharing some recurring themes, it's going to be a pretty massive thing.

Having started and completed most of it between May and October of 2014, I ran into a whole ton of issues as the year drew to a close, and at this point I'm nearly burning myself out trying to get the last 10 or so tracks finished.

Anyway, keep an eye out here or on Twitter for updates, hopefully I'll have something to share next time around!


Oh almost forgot: Going to MAGfest, keep an eye out for some cassette tapes for some exclusive previews of the album!


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