Album update - Shadow of the Lich

2015-06-07 19:08:46 by Mairujyat

Hey, so just an update! You know that album I've been working on for like a year? No? Well I don't blame you! There's literally nothing about it on the internet, except for this one lonely sort of Facebook page I kinda made like a week ago, you know basically nothing.

For the last year I've been putting together an album, 38 tracks to be exact, of music heavily inspired by RPG music from the 90s, the old SNES and PS1 generation of RPG video games. Totally a pain in the butt to make, it's nearly done! All it needs now is some touching up and I'll be putting it up for release on Bandcamp!

Also, putting up a few tracks every so often in the weeks before release, to tease it and show people what it is exactly, as well as some artwork from the development of the album's cover and story (yes, it's a concept album, not just a random collection of "LOL SO RETRO" tunes).

Speaking of, just posted some of the above mentioned stuff today. Check it out:

Anyway, that's all for now, till next time!


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