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2015-01-05 07:41:50 by Mairujyat

So I've gotten basically nowhere near as much progress as I wanted to on this album dealie, but I'm still working on it.

Basically, you remember RPGs in the 90's? Specifically how much their atmosphere was built up and made memorable by the sheer variety in the music?

I'm making an album with some 40-or-so tracks, each of them specific to various instances and situations in an imaginary game, entitled "Shadow of the Lich". Divided up into three acts, each with their own unique motifs as well as sharing some recurring themes, it's going to be a pretty massive thing.

Having started and completed most of it between May and October of 2014, I ran into a whole ton of issues as the year drew to a close, and at this point I'm nearly burning myself out trying to get the last 10 or so tracks finished.

Anyway, keep an eye out here or on Twitter for updates, hopefully I'll have something to share next time around!


Oh almost forgot: Going to MAGfest, keep an eye out for some cassette tapes for some exclusive previews of the album!

Little by little making progress on an album thing, more info next month!

Commissions Open!

2013-12-05 07:20:55 by Mairujyat

So I sorta forgot Newgrounds existed for a little bit, sorry! Anyway, I'm running a bit tight on money, so I've opted to open up 4 commissions slots (there were 5, but someone's taken one already!)


Commission info & portfolio links here:

I work almost exclusively with MIDI and SoundFonts, literally retro sort of stuff here. I'd have better, but a number of factors prevent me from actually buying/under-the-table obtaining actual samples and plugins that I could actually use to do superb-sounding orchestral works or the like.

I will try my damn best with your commission, first off. I'll do a bit of a test to see if I can sort of 'get' where you want me to go (10 to 15-second clip of a general idea for it). If you like what you hear, either take it and run, or pay me and I'll do everything within my power to expand on it. Most of my tracks are drafted as a MIDI almost completely within the first 5 or 6 hours, with post production/replacing the SoundFonts taking up the most time.

Most tracks done under 10 hours are about a minute and a half to 2 minutes long, depending on complexity. There are exceptions, particularly with styles I'm not exactly naturally inclined towards, or when I'm going OCD with perfectionism or w/e.


Anyway, not expecting anything to come of this, but who knows!


EDIT: Uploading a new thing, took 7 and a half hours to do!

I suck at updating!

2013-07-08 19:02:31 by Mairujyat

So update: Working on several things, DK64 Remix Album's still going strong!

check it out:

So here I am at MAGfest, having a great time, and... in the LAN room! Bored a bit, thinking to play Left 4 Dead 2, and yeah, just had a good time, and now things are beginning to burn me out.

Also, I'm currently the project director for the DK64 remix album on OCRemix, check it out!

Anyway, that's all for now! I'll try and keep people updated a bit better in the future!

Banjo-Kazooie Remix Album

2012-08-30 12:13:38 by Mairujyat

So I'm doing musical stuff that will -hopefully- end up in the Jigsaw Memories Banjo-Kazooie remix album. Wish me luck.

Sweet Home Re-Orchestrated is fully uploaded.

2012-05-18 16:58:05 by Mairujyat

I'm tired now. Going to probably take a few days off from this, and from there, just sort of sleep. Or something.

I'll probably have something new sometime later in the week. I want to play with organ arrangements now.

I'm going to be uploading all the pieces over the next few days, many of them are either remixed, arranged, or straight reorchestrations of the originals. I'll put up the first 5 or so today, then the next 5 tomorrow, so on and so forth.

2 weeks, 17 tracks in total, and all I need to do now is re-level the master volume on everything, relative to one another.

Each track was literally put together completely independant from one another, save for shared soundsets and all being on the same project file, so I'm going to be working this upcoming week to level everything so it's not "quiet here, ear-rape there".

Also played through Sweet Home again, just for the hell of it, and I put a lot of tracks together based on that experience.

For example, the "Encounter with Mamiya" theme is shortened significantly in this, mainly because, well... When it first plays in-game, the most I heard of it was the first theme and variation on the A section of the song, and there's a forced teleport before it even really went into the B section. That, and the actual "Final Battle" theme sounds rather boring and repetitive without the lead-in provided by the "Encounter with Mamiya" theme.

So tl;dr expect a couple songs popping in more than once, a few leitmotifs that weren't in the originals, some amount of arranging, and possibly even remixing of some tracks.

Side note: I need a new piano soundset. The one I have is annoying. It's high-quality and it really is a rather awesome set of Steinway piano recordings, but... the hight notes. A lot of hammer noises and a lot of hissing noises there. Tried to get rid of it without dulling the notes, and nothing works.

Also need to get a nicer set of pizzicato and non-pizzicato string soundsets. The ones I have are decent, but either they sound crap at high notes, are mis-timed on low notes, or slightly out of tune, and I don't have the patience to compensate for some of these issues.

Anyone have any suggestions for alternative plugins/soundfonts/sample libraries/etc?

Back on topic though. I'm thinking that once things are leveled, I'm going to gradually release each track one at a time, so it's not a solid upload dump, just to taunt whoever gives a shit about this stuff. Or I'll just dump it all on at once. I don't know, I'll figure it out next Friday I guess.

Update on my progress with Sweet Home: Reorchestrated **LOOP UPLOADED**

2012-05-01 05:19:26 by Mairujyat

I've been moving rather quickly with this, but mostly because I'm trying my absolute hardest not to just run around and improvise and deviate.

Just to make a few things clear, I'm working with a few self-imposed restrictions:

1. Going to use only orchestral sounds for this. Strings, horns, harpsichords, organs, pianos, and some percussion instruments. No electric basses, guitars are almost... well, out, that can be debated, depends on who's doing the arrangement.

No, not even on the theme for the Second Floor. Pizzicato is my friend.

2. There will be some amount of improvisation, but only if the piece in question was that short or repetitive (only two exceptions to that: death sound, and level up.)

I really don't want to improvise to the point where I'm not even working with the song I was starting with. That's happened once before, and I blame my inability to do jazz-style rhythms. Resulted in an arpeggiated and insane weird thing that was MEANT to be the Seavet Submarine theme from U.N. Squadron. I'll probably upload it in a few minutes so people aren't left in the dark on this one.

3. Try and get as many done in a day as possible, without completely spewing a few notes on and saying 'done'.

So far I've done rather well in that regard, I've gotten 6 out of 19 songs done (6 out of 22 if you count the 'level up' and 'death' theme). I've gone back and listened to the ones I've done, they're all at the best possible quality I can muster with my current set of soundfonts and plugins, without destroying my computer.

1-hour render of time on average, I think I'm getting good at minimizing the footprint.

4. Specify one track for looping early on, release it as a preview to tease people.

Ok, fine, that's not really a restriction or a guideline, that's just me making you all wonder what it could be. Battle theme, perhaps? Maybe the First Floor theme? or perhaps even the Ending theme?

IT'S... not... a secret anymore!!!

I just uploaded the loop, the song in question, is, in fact, the Eastern Garden theme. The theme in question is extremely short-lived in the game, and as a result, I think many people overlook or don't really notice it, but I sort of really enjoyed that song the most out of most of them.

It has an extremely powerful melody to it, and it's one of the songs in this whole set that I'm expanding on and building up to, instead of making it into a straight transcription. There will be a few of those sorts of songs, where either I felt I didn't have enough to work with, or it was too short, or too repetitive...

Just as an example, the basement theme. I really disliked how it sounded like the chopped off ending of another song, and I'm certain that whatever arranged album or sountrack album the released for the game would probably clarify what exactly it was chopped from, but... I prefer to go straight from the in-game music, and I more or less constructed what I think might lead into the portion of the song you'd hear in-game.

So, in a nutshell: Loop uploaded, and everyone can look forward to (or dread) creative reinterpretation and expansion of a theme.