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Sweet Home: Reorchestrated

2012-04-30 05:31:21 by Mairujyat

Well, it's a nice subject title, isn't it?

Of my own volition, I'm going to be doing a complete set of tracks, and I'm going to be absolutely sure that I remix/reorchestrate every single song in that game. It's more leaning on transcribe-and-reorchestrate, but either way, you probably know what I'm talking about.

For those of you who don't know it, Sweet Home is a game, made by Capcom in 1989, based off a 1989 movie of the same name. Both the game and movie were released simultaneously, and the film's director, Kiyoshi Kurusawa, oversaw development of the game. It's the first real 'survival horror' videogame, before the genre was really actually named, and served as the inspiration of Resident Evil, which was originally to be a remake of this epic RPG.

But anyway, go on Youtube, look it up, the movie's on youtube as well, if you're interested at all, as well as the Arranged Soundtrack (AST) and OST (though the OST was smashed together into a set of 3 videos... annoying, in my opinion.)

Hell, even the movie's soundtrack is on Youtube, so check that out as well. I won't be doing anything with that though. Well, I don't plan to, anyway.

But yeah.

tl;dr version: I am making complete remake of soundtrack for an old japan-only game based off a movie that you probably have never heard of.

Last note: Won't be uploading any of it until it's done.

Until next time,


Home again.

2012-01-09 03:56:16 by Mairujyat

Back from MAGfest. And really damn insane on the last day, at least for me. Sort of burned out, not eager to type about it really. Anyway, uploaded two more of those eight-bit things. the last one should be soon, along with something that ISN'T eight-bit, so I'm not just sitting here with my synth stuff and having people think I deal exclusively in it.

MAGfest. Yep.

2012-01-07 14:10:33 by Mairujyat

I'm at MAGfest, and stuff. not too much to say. been here for a few days, only just now have an actual ROOM (as opposed to bouncing between rooms that I went through hell to get a space in). So now that I have a room for myself, I can sit down, and use my laptop. compose something. etc.

Anyway, if anyone else is here, then just look for a guy in a green/grey hat, ponytail, goatee/moustache combo, and thick blue jacket. that'd be me. Also feel free to punch me for destroying your ear-drums with eight-bit evil, or something. I dunno.

In case anyone stumbles on my work, and more importantly, wants to know what's with the generic titles and (so far) sort of okay-maybe-not-too-great music, compared to the Wizards and Warriors bit I put out at first...

I sort of have all that extra music sort of in a backlog, and I'm trying to get it posted up SOMEWHERE, so then at least, after all those are up, I can post things that aren't akin to stuffing your head into an NES.

I have like a few organ arrangements, some remixes of a few songs, some complete remasterings from way back when I still bothered transcribing music piece by piece from the audio, so I more or less have a lot of stuff I can put up later.

For now though, SPC: STG, until all 16 are uploaded.

Well... Not much to say here. Probably an introduction.

I'm Mairujyat. I compose music and sometimes remixes. I want to get into composing for games. Etc.

Favorite color is green. Favorite composer is Grant Kirkhope. Favorite flash animator is currently a tie between Egoraptor and Harry Partridge. Uhh...

Anything else... hmn... I do fencing? I fence. Swords. yeah. And I play video games. Zelda. Halo. CoD. Battlefield. anything. etc. Big Zelda fan.

...I suck at biographical information. xD

Anyway, still waiting for my first two submissions to be approved. It's been, what, 3 days? Hopefully they're approved by the end of the week. It'd really be nice if they'd get approved by Christmas.

Whatever. Anyway, peace, cya, whatever. No idea who's reading this, but yeah. Good luck and stuff with whatever the hell important stuff you're putting off doing. I mean really, only reason you're reading this single post is the waste time, right?