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oh boy tumblr

2017-11-08 10:34:06 by Mairujyat

revived my tumblr, getting back in the saddle, etc. -


also have some cool stuff in the works, gonna be uploading a few new/unfinished things here for shits and giggles, idk

Just an update

2017-08-19 14:19:47 by Mairujyat

put out a crappy album, it's on spotify and bandcamp and whatever, here's the bandcamp link:


other than that, looking for work and stuff to occupy myself, so feel free to drop a line.

So, to summarise stuff so far: I've done some music for Tumbleweed Express on Steam, check it out!

My weird dumb album, 'Shadow of the Lich' exists:

Also I'm pretty much open to taking on commissions, so if anyone's interested just hit me up and we can discuss details!

Shadow of the Lich is OUT!

2015-06-26 14:12:04 by Mairujyat

My album is OUT, finally! Literally excited as hell and I don't know -what- to do with myself now! In the meantime, buy a copy, buy several copies, don't buy it at all and just admire it! Here's a link!

Hey, so just an update! You know that album I've been working on for like a year? No? Well I don't blame you! There's literally nothing about it on the internet, except for this one lonely sort of Facebook page I kinda made like a week ago, you know basically nothing.

For the last year I've been putting together an album, 38 tracks to be exact, of music heavily inspired by RPG music from the 90s, the old SNES and PS1 generation of RPG video games. Totally a pain in the butt to make, it's nearly done! All it needs now is some touching up and I'll be putting it up for release on Bandcamp!

Also, putting up a few tracks every so often in the weeks before release, to tease it and show people what it is exactly, as well as some artwork from the development of the album's cover and story (yes, it's a concept album, not just a random collection of "LOL SO RETRO" tunes).

Speaking of, just posted some of the above mentioned stuff today. Check it out:

Anyway, that's all for now, till next time!

Posted up a thing

2015-04-14 09:28:45 by Mairujyat

It's basically nothing, just ignore it maybe. Just playing around with one of the tracks for the album and my new Roland Sound Canvas module...

Back from Mexico, work time!

2015-04-01 17:05:57 by Mairujyat

Alright, totally back and got 5 more tracks left, just enough to make April a pain in the ass.

Hopefully have something interesting to show off on Soundcloud at the end of the month!

So, going to keep this quick: 4 more songs done, another 6 left to go and I move onto the final stages of my upcoming concept album whatsit, "Shadow of the Lich". Also gotten tangled up in a few related side-projects as well, so keep an eye out for them on my Bandcamp page, hopefully have something up early next month!

I'm going to visit family in Mexico, hopefully help clear my head and let me push through these last few tracks, so looking forward to that. And for anyone who didn't notice the last journal: new song, did composition for it, on a friend's bandcamp, check it out:

Song released on Bandcamp!

2015-02-22 19:41:36 by Mairujyat

So cool news: A friend and I just released this song on Bandcamp, pretty big deal I guess maybe not I dunno. Anyway, check it out!

Elegy for a Dullahan - Sound Designer's Cut

Work, or no work? Definitely work. Also ouch.

2015-02-05 23:48:52 by Mairujyat

So just an update, I actually hurt my wrist pretty badly at MAGFest, thought it'd be healed up by now, but turns out it's not just "oh hey, slipped and fell, caught all your weight with your outstretched hand behind you? All good, you're fine!"

No, it's more like "You really screwed yourself up, congrats."

So anything new's going to be slow to show up, but no worries, getting myself started on a few side projects, and also might have at least four more tracks for this album done by the end of the month!

Until next time!